Father and son duo Mark and Graham Dowdy of Rivercrest Music have a dynamic partnership as producers, arrangers, mixing engineers, and artists, and share a unique, nuanced, perspective on hearing the potential of a project and working toward that potential as the end goal. The Rivercrest duo's breadth of experience and knowledge means that everything from arranging an entire album to tightening up a drum or vocal track to polishing a mix can be done in a timely fashion, in one place, from start to finish.

Mark Dowdy has been in the music business for decades, & has developed a truly superior ear for the perfect arrangement, mix, & effectively accomplishing what the artist communicates to him through their artistry. He has mastered every genre from gospel to rock, from country to R&B, & is second to none in every step of the process. Graham Dowdy is Mark's protege, specializing in guitar work, editing, & arranging, & brings a distinct & modern perspective to the process.